At PeopleSpace Partners, we understand the inherent risk in executive placements, which is why our sophisticated process is designed to ensure that the right talent is placed every time.

The science behind our “Searchology” – our formula for success – continues to evolve through our ongoing research program.


PeopleSpace Search & Selection looks after all your generalist recruiting needs. Our focus is on helping clients maximise the return on their people investment through our rigorous selection process.


PeopleSpace IT extends our Search & Selection offering with a team of specialist consultants versed in the intimate and highly specific requirements for filling sophisticated technical roles.


We provide our clients with a broad range of innovative recruitment solutions which complement their time, resources and budget. Whether the project incorporates contract, interim or permanent staffing, or a combination of all three, PeopleSpace can design a customised solution that maximises the value to our clients’ talent attraction and on-boarding plan.


IBM® Kenexa® BrassRing® on Cloud (BrassRing) is a web-hosted Global Talent Acquisition System. BrassRing automates every step of the talent acquisition process. BrassRing provides solutions to help build candidate relationships, improve workflow efficiency, streamline communication, and enable your organization to find, engage, and deploy better people faster. BrassRing combines the power and versatility of its applicant management interface with BrassRing Talent Gateways and BrassRing Agency.


Our organisational psychologists find the “best fit” people for your organisation using the latest scientific assessment tools and techniques.

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